How We Know For Sure When Something is Ready to Build?

Each feature is a bet you make to deliver value to a customer— but it will often take multiple iterations of a feature before you get it just right. The probability of you getting it right in the first iteration is not quite zero but it's close, so make sure you’re iterating your ideas to ensure you’re learning what's wrong and why.
All ideas must be viable for our business, desirable for the customer, feasible to build, and turned into something usable the customer can quickly adopt with as least friction as possible.
Dual track development allows us to both build software (Delivery) and learn what software we should be building (Discovery) at the same time. We’re not great at this yet — but we aim to get a little better every 10 weeks when we reset planning.

Where do ideas start?

5 Phases of good ideas

The 5 phases of delivering software at Whispir.
PI (Planning Increments) is the way in which we plan work at Whispir, in 10 week cycles using a modified version of the scaled agile framework.

But it’s small…can’t we just build it?

So when do we pull the trigger and book the work?



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Brad Dunn

Brad Dunn


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