How Our Cross-Functional Teams Decide What to Build at Whispir

Circles method.
The four base needs of any good idea.

Step 1. Help the team comprehend the situation

Good product managers ask lots of clarifying questions.

Step 2. Who

You can’t build a product for everyone — so the ideal customer persona is who you are working for.

Step 3. Report customer needs

A job is something a customer wants to hire your product to do.
JTBD (Jobs to be done) is a simple to use way of understanding why customers want to use your software.

Step 4. Cut through & prioritize needs

JTBD Matrix shows how important and how satisfied customers are with completing those jobs.
A value matrix helps you work out where you’re investing in. Is it all core features or add-ons?

Step 5. List solutions

Our Whispir Product Principals — Visual Awe, Make it human, We do the work, Magical, and Client Performance.
From a job to be done (JTBD) we speculate on ways to help the customer get that job completed. This is where we convert jobs into feature ideas.

Step 6. Evaluate trade-offs

Impact and Complexity matrix is the way we visualize our options.

What if two ideas sound good?

Step 7. Provide a recommendation

Just because something is complex, doesn’t mean we won’t do it.

When should you perform this ceremony?

Doing discovery work well ahead of schedule means we can plan forward.



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Brad Dunn


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