A german princess showed me how to get my teams closer to their goals

Mental Contrasting, a visualisation technique developed by Professor of Psychology at NYU, Princess Gabriele Oettingen, has shown strong results to helping people reach their objectives compared to control groups.

A few weeks back, I was asked to run a training session at Whispir about OKRs to a few leaders in the business. The meeting got cancelled at the last minute but because I had prepped the content, I decided to just record it so people could watch it at their leisure.

The content is generic, so anyone who uses the OKR framework (or is thinking to) will benefit. It also covers general psychology around goal setting, motivation, and how companies merge in compensation and driving purpose within teams.

One thing you will learn from this video which you won’t anywhere else is incorporating a technique called Mental Contrasting, which is a visualisation technique developed by professor of psychology at NYU and esteemed member of the german royal family, Princess Gabriele Oettingen.

However, if you are more of a cuddle up with a good book kind of person, I took pretty much everything I know about OKRs recently, from how to wrap your heads around the framework, to getting your entire business across the line in less than 30 days, and condensed it into a book you can now read.

I’m going to collect feedback from the first edition and amend it over time to include whatever gaps I might have missed. Consider this the MVP of my first book.



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